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Smart Eye 5th Meeting

The 5th meeting for the Project "DEVELOPMENT OF Α PROTOTYPE FOR SMART VISUALIZATION OF INVISIBLE ANTIQUITIES" with the acronym "Smart Eye" was held on 07/09/2022, by teleconference of the participants.
The Meeting was attended by:

  • Euclid K. (AUTh)
  • Kaimaris D. (AUTh)
  • Kouidis N. (INFODIM)
  • Economopoulos G. (INFODIM)
  • Tsiafis D (EATR)
  • Trivyzadakis N. (EATR)
  • Patias P. (AUTh)
  • Roustanis Th. (AUTh).

Topics discussed included:

  1. The extension of the Project's timeline